Friday, Aug 30, 2019, 7.30pm

Paul O'Dette (USA)

Altes Hallenbad, Haagstraße 29
61169 Friedberg
Tel: 0 60 31 / 30 34
Tickets 25€

Fon: ++49 (0) 60 31 / 30 34

Joscho Stephan

Paul O’Dette – lute

"Robin is to the Greenwood Gone"
Elizabethan Lute Music from the Golden Age

The lute was the most popular instrument in the 16th century, occupying a status roughly equivalent to that of the piano in the 19th century as an instrument played virtually all educated members of society. The lutenists employed at courts throughout Europe were the rock stars of the Renaissance, and were considered the crown jewel of any court. The Golden Age of the Lute in England, between 1550 and 1630, produced a large number of brilliant performer/composers including John Dowland, John Johnson, Daniel Bachelar and others. Tonight’s program features a wide variety of different kinds of music from these illustrious composers ranging from light-hearted, toe-tapping dance tunes to deeply moving chromatic fantasias. A special feature of the program is the inclusion of a group of hauntingly beautiful Scottish songs, arranged by an aristocratic lutenist of the early 17th century.

Fr Aug 30 2019
Paul O'Dette | 7:30pm

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